Douglas Anderson has been actively involved in amateur motorsport since assisting with running a Phantom P75 Clubmans Car in Hillclimbs & Sprints in 1985.
Phantom P75 Clubmans at Strathclyde Park 1985
In 1987, he purchased and rebuilt a 1977 Hawke DL19 Formula Ford 1600 single seater racing car, in which he was 2nd in class in the 1987 Scottish Sprint Championship.
Hawke DL17 Mini
After the Hawke came a succession of Cox GTM Coupe kit cars, culminating in winning his class in the 1990 Scottish Hillclimb Championship.
Thereafter, Douglas only made occasional competition outings in his 'Italian Job' Mini due to work commitments as a professional Engineer.
In 2001, Douglas made a comeback into single seaters, having converted a 1976 Hawke DL17 Formula Ford 1600 to Rover Mini power. Some success was achieved, against the more modern bike engined cars.
In 2002, Douglas rebuilt a Royale RP26 FF1600 fitted with a Kawasaki ZX10 bike engine.
In 2003, the Hawke DL17 was converted to Kawasaki ZX10 bike engine power and was progressively improved over the 2004 & 2005 seasons, taking several class wins and championship placings in the Scottish Hillclimbs & Sprints.
In 2005, Douglas also took a FTD (Fastest Time of the Day) at a Kames Sprint, was fourth overall in the "Top Ten" sprint championship and won the Motorsport Junction Lowlands Speed Championship.
Douglas has owned, rebuilt & constructed a number of Mini cars and Mini based kit cars. In particular he is a devotee of Cox GTM Coupes and currently owns two of the marque.
He also has a 1993 Mini 'Italian Job' in which he has taken part in a number of Italian Job Charity Touring events.
Douglas has a BSc (Honours) degree in Technology from Napier University and has undertaken training in light fabrication and welding at Westfife Enterprise Ltd.
From 2006 until 2020 Douglas traded under the Westgarage Engineering name, designing and manufacturing chain drive differentials and other engineering products

David Anderson building contractor's Albion Lorry