Feb 2009
Electric Reverse
electric reverse
Westgarage Engineering have developed an electric reverse mechanism for chain drive differentials.
The system utilises a geared 1HP electric motor and a gear ring attached to the differential.
The reverse motor can mount onto the differential carrier in a variety of positions to suit the installation.

The reverse mechanism is required on bike engined cars running in race series, hillclimbs and sprints.
The 750 Motor Club RGB and Bike Sports series requires that cars are able to reverse for 3 metres and reverse over a 40mm high block with one wheel.

Kit cars undergoing the new IVA test (which replaces the SVA test in 2009) now require a reverse mechanism fitted.
Ideal for the new Haynes road-going, track day, Single Seater kit car!

The Westgarage electric reverse can be fitted to any of our chain drive differentials (Sierra, Mini, Quaife or MX5)
Please contact us for pricing and availability.